Broaden your mind and your opportunities with a degree in Psychology

It comes as no surprise to discover that a degree in Psychology is one of the most popular course choices amongst undergraduates. With its challenging, thought provoking, and relevant course content, a degree in Psychology changes the way you view the world and the people around you, whilst equipping you with essential skills sought after by employers.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is a science that involves the exploration of the mind, and an understanding of why we think, feel, act and interact the way we do.  By observing, measuring and testing both human and animal behaviour, psychologists have the ability to significantly impact many areas of life, including health, education, industry, the economy and crime.

What careers are available to me?

The majority of students now wishing to study Psychology at degree level are often asking us, ‘What can I do with a Psychology degree once I graduate?’ The answer? The list is endless! In fact, Psychology students are amongst the most employable in the UK.

One of the most obvious routes for graduates is to become a Psychologist, specialising in an array of fields, including clinical, counselling, sport, education, or forensic. With our accredited British Psychological Society (BPS) degree, this dream is certainly attainable. However, it is important to note that you don’t have to become a Psychologist.

If I don’t want to become a Psychologist, what can I do?

As a Psychology graduate, you will possess a number of skills that employers value, including literacy, numeracy, critical appraisal, data handling, communication and logical problem solving.  As Graham Snowdon explains during his article in The Guardian, ‘From research analysts to retail managers, a good grasp of human behavioural patterns and the science of the mind will put you in the thoughts of all sorts of employers.’

You may wish to follow the route of some of our graduates, who have gone on to establish successful careers within the NHS, the Police, Social Work or related areas. Alternatively, why not become an advertising account planner, counsellor, human resource officer, market researcher or psychotherapist, to name but a few. Take a look at Prospects to see just what careers are available. The world really is your oyster!

Discover your dream job during your degree

We think it is important for you to explore the various opportunities that Psychology can offer right from the start of your degree. From Work Based Learning in the UK and day trips to the local zoo, to international placements, our course offers you a number of opportunities to grow your skills, tailor your studies and increase your employability.

Just take a look at current Psychology and Sociology student Amy Rabjohn. It was during her five week placement at Pine Lodge Short Stay School, assisting in the implementation of intensive treatment packages for young people with the most severe mental health problems, that she discovered that education was the career for her. As Amy explains, ‘My placement experience was incredible; I learnt so much about myself and developed skills I never knew I had.’

Opting to journey outside of the UK, third year student Sophie Proffitt discovered just how versatile and exciting her degree could be. Abandoning the standard nine to five, she travelled to Maharagama, Colombo where she spent five weeks balancing voluntary hours in the mental health sector, with weekends spent exploring the jungle and local beaches. Discussing the benefits of her placement, Sophie explained how it enabled her to gain ‘a deeper understanding of mental health conditions in general, and in a non-western culture.’

As you can see, there really are no limits to your degree!

Want to find out more?

If you have already applied and want to find out more, don’t miss your opportunity to visit us at our last Applicant Day this Saturday 25th April. If you are unable to attend don’t worry! Our Open Day is just around the corner, or perhaps you would prefer to attend one of our regular Campus Tours.  

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