The Chester Difference

It’s never too early to start thinking about your future career. Employability is more than just getting a job, it’s about being employable; having the skills and qualities that will help you to get a job and succeed at it.

So what are these skills and qualities? Well first of all, there is (or at least will be) your degree. However, lots of people have degrees now and the majority of employers stress that academic excellence is simply not enough anymore. They want to see how rounded an individual you are. They are interested in your personal attributes, attitude and skills and what you can bring to their business.

Employers are looking for enthusiastic, confident and outgoing graduates with a range of skills, including communication, team working and people skills to name a few. The University of Chester's Careers and Employability team can offer tons of help, support and advice on how you can understand and develop the attributes that employers are looking for throughout your degree. The team will also help you recognise the skills you already have, and the areas that you may wish to develop to get you that dream job once you graduate.

Our Careers and Employability services include advice and support on careers planning, graduate recruitment, placements, part-time or full-time work, volunteering and summer jobs. So whether you’re looking for a part-time job to bring in some extra cash while you study, looking at work shadowing opportunities to help build up your CV, or advice and support for interviews, application forms or assessment centres, Careers and Employability are here to help. This is why the University of Chester has the best graduate employment statistics in the North West!