Chester Difference Award

Getting a degree is not always enough nowadays. The things that help you to get the job of your dreams are often the experiences and the extra activities you have done whilst studying for your degree. One way that the University of Chester helps students to do this is through the Chester Difference Award.

This award essentially encourages students to get involved in as many activities as they can to earn points towards the award. Points can be earned by volunteering, joining a club or society becoming a student ambassador, attending EYE training, and other engaging opportunities such as having a part-time job.

I decided to go for the Chester Difference Award (CDA) because I felt that it would increase my experiences, give me new challenges and make me more employable in the future. Many of the points I have earned have been through a number of activities that I am already involved in, such as being a captain of a club, earning me three points. Working towards the volunteering awards can earn you between two and four points, depending how many of the awards you complete. Becoming a 'Red T' (a student who helps all the new students move in during fresher’s week) can achieve you one point.

There are loads of ways to achieve points, but you only need ten to achieve the first awards. If you are super active, then the next award, CDA Plus, requires 15 points. To achieve the CDA Excellence, you have to achieve 15 points and then go along for an assessment day. While I will only be able to achieve the standard CDA award, many students have the opportunity to reach the top award. Not only will you achieve recognition for your efforts and thus look more employable, you have fun working towards achieving points and make and meet new friends.

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