Chester’s Award-Winning Porters

If you have been keeping up to date with the University and its awards you would have noticed that the University’s porters recently won an award for providing the best student experience. We sent our Digital Ambassador Lewis along to give their team a quick interview to find out more about their line of work, what they get up to and why they think they won this prestigious award. Continue reading and you will find out why the porters are a vital part of the University. 

Why are Chester’s Porters so Awesome?

“Because they do everything. When the term ‘porter’ comes to mind, students often think of the individuals who take care of the keys, lock up when people go home and deal with security. This may be the case with porters in other universities, but not Chester. After 5 pm when the lights go out in Chester and everyone goes home the porters take control and maintain just about anything and everything in the University, including student welfare, fires, first aid, security and even the University’s switch board. They work 24/7 with varying shift patterns and they deal with just about anything you can think of.”

During the interview the porters mentioned some of the things they have had to handle in the past, including a rogue pigeon in an accommodation block and an pizza box catching fire in an ill-advised, late night cooking experiment.

Their jobs are obviously not limited to just the evening, they work round the clock to make sure that everything is in working order. They will patrol the campus, monitor the CCTV and be on hand for any query you have. With over 200 years of experience between them they can see a problem on the screens before it’s even happened. You will also see them around the campus during open days.

Their patrol isn’t just limited to our residential campuses either. They also patrol other campuses around the University including Queen’s Park and Kingsway, and have helped escort senior staff to important meetings. They literally do everything.

The First Point of Call

With their experience and because of the fact they’ve dealt with just about every issue they are the first point of contact for many students who are in need of help. In particular, one of the things that got them the award was their assistance and care for individuals with mental health issues. Because they are on site 24/7 they often help individuals with disabilities, especially in accommodation. Most other universities have separate teams for different issues but Chester’s team are an all-in-one – kind of like the glue that holds the University together.

Chester’s porters keep the cogs turning and are there to help anyone with any issue. They work closely with every department in the University and through their 200+ years experience it’s pretty clear why they won the student experience award. They look after a lot for the students and have done just about every job there is to do on campus. Without the porters, the University just wouldn’t be the same.

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