Five Steps to Cooking Up an Excellent Social Worker.

It takes a special kind of person to make an excellent social worker and a special kind of university to teach them, and we are fortunate enough to have just the recipe to make it work!

You’ll Need One Cup of Wisdom

We offer an excellent grounding for a career in social work. Last year, 90% of our graduates went on to work or further study, earning an average of £26,000 within six months of graduating. We put this down to our Social Work course providing you with a clear understanding of human behaviour, society, the law, and the skills and values that inform social work. We help all our Social Work students think critically about the work they undertake in practice and include full time work placements to give them first hand experience.

And Two Cups of Knowledge

The wide range of outstanding work placements available during the course is what students often enjoy most and learn most from. Our students work in a range of settings to help build their knowledge and experience, including child protection teams; local authority teams supporting adults with disabilities and older people; hospital social work teams; mental health teams; and a range of charitable organisations.

Stir in Some Compassion

In addition to coursework, we encourage our students to be active in the community and sign up to a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. They frequently undertake work and volunteer for local charities. This year, our students collected and donated clothing to a local charity for destitute asylum seekers and made Christmas hampers for local families in need of support in the local area!

Add Three Parts Understanding

Our exceptional teaching team have all worked as social workers and are committed to sharing good practice and helping their students’ gain a clear understanding of what being a social worker involves. Recent award nominations for staff include ‘most inspiring lecturer’ and ‘outstanding postgraduate supervisor’. In 2017 one of our former students was also nominated for the national Social Worker of the Year Awards.

Then mix to perfection

And you’ll do all this at our beautiful and professional Warrington Campus, just a stone’s throw away from Warrington itself. This campus specialises in delivering innovative and employment-focused courses with an array of vocational subjects on offer. Professional support is always easy to find along with a wide range of opportunities to socialise. This makes the campus the perfect stepping stone to your future career. You can find out more about Warrington Campus and the town here on our website

Want to know more?

To find out more about studying Social Work at the University of Chester take a look at our website, or contact Programme Leader Gill Buck by emailing

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