Introducing our Residential Team

It’s only natural to feel a little apprehensive about moving away from home. We’ve talked about how we will help you settle in when you arrive and what you may want to pack for the big move. We’ve even talked about the award-winning porters that provide around the clock security and pastoral support out of hours.

But if that wasn’t enough to set your mind at ease, let us introduce you to our excellent Residential Advisors (RAs) and Residential Coordinators (RCs). To ensure you have a memorable University experience for all the right reasons, we’ll support you every step of the way, even in your University accommodation! Thanks to our Residential Team, you’ll not only have the porters on hand but you’ll have one of your peers to turn to 24 hours a day; no matter what the issues might be.

What is the Residential Team?

The Residential team is made up of Residential Advisors and Residential Coordinators who are current students at Level 5, 6 or postgraduate stage. They are interested in making your experience in Halls as good as possible.

You might live with a Residential Advisor or a Residential Coordinator (A postgraduate student or member of University staff); the RAs and RCs have been there and done it at the University of Chester, so can completely empathise with the settling-in process. The team is part of Hospitality and Residential Services, and is managed by the Residential Support Manager who oversees the team at all sites.

What is their role?

RAs and RCs are able to advise on a number of areas and can also sign-post you to other support departments around the University.  Their role includes:

  • Helping new students acclimatise to the campus, being available on ‘move-in Sunday’ to direct students and parents and answer queries regarding accommodation;
  • Organising and assisting with activities that will encourage good relationships between housemates and a sense of morale;
  • Working with other members of staff where appropriate to resolve issues, including the Porters, the Accommodation Office and the University Proctor;
  • Ultimately being a point of contact and support for students.

Your Residential Team members have experienced moving away from home and starting university at Chester. Each RA and RC is trained to help with a variety of situations and if they don’t know the answer to something directly, they will know how to find out.

They are all active volunteers within our Student Skills Development Office and can give you details on a range of volunteering opportunities. Additionally, Residential Advisors and Residential Coordinators help with the ‘practical’ things like helping students report maintenance problems and chasing them up if they are taking too long to be fixed, reporting any issues back to their line-manager if further assistance is required.

When will I meet my RA or RC?

When you arrive at Chester, your RA or RC will be on hand to meet you when you move in, and can also be contacted via the details on their ‘contact posters’ in your house. Do try to engage with your RA or RC – they have a wealth of experience at the University and are here to help! RAs and RCs will hold welcome meetings with each of their houses in the first fortnight of students moving in, which will give you a lot of useful information to get you settled in.

What other out of hours support is there?

As previously mentioned, along with the Residential Team, the University’s Porters work 24/7, 365 days a year to support students at all times. The Porters are all first aid trained and can assist with any accidents or when you might require additional help.

Furthermore, the Residential Team and the Porters are supported by the Ultimate Call Out Team, a group of senior staff across the University who have a lot of experience in assisting students in welfare situations or emergencies. There is always someone available to help.

When you arrive at the University of Chester, you will be given information on how to contact staff in the event of an emergency or if you require help. The Residential Life Team, which manages any and all matters relating to your student accommodation, works closely with the Residential Team particularly on organising Flat Chats. These regular meetings will cover themes relating to living well with others, practical considerations such as cleaning and finding accommodation for future years, and other matters throughout the year.

The Residential Support Manager and Residential Life Manager work closely to ensure that students are supported during the day and overnight and at weekends and that any matters of concern are addressed immediately. This scheme has proved vital over the years at Chester, and is a fantastic support system for students. 

Want to know more? 

If you have any questions about living in student accommodation, just get in touch with our Residential Living Office. They’ll be more than happy to help.

E: T: 01244 513000 (Chester) / 01925 5342200 (Warrington)