It's decision time

So, it’s time to make your decision – but before you do, make sure you revisit your course and university options just to be clear that you’re making the right choices for you. Are you going to be happy studying for the next three years at either your firm or insurance choice? Have you visited both universities? If not, book onto an Open Day just to make sure. This is the best way for you to get a feel for the place and to see whether you could see yourself studying and living there for the next few years.

What is a firm choice?

A firm choice is your ‘first’ choice. This is the one that you love the most. If it's an unconditional offer, the place is yours! So that university or college will expect you as their student and all other offers will be declined. If it's conditional, the place is yours if you meet the offer conditions. Before you make your firm choice, ask yourself if you’ve got a realistic chance of meeting it. Be honest with yourself – perhaps speak to your teachers/tutors as well. It’s also worth weighing up how flexible the course offer might be. In theory, you’ll only secure the place if you meet your offer, but on occasion some universities will still accept ‘near-miss’ applicants.

What is an insurance choice?

An insurance choice is your ‘second’ choice. This is your back-up option (with lower offer conditions) if you don't get the grades you were expecting and miss out on your firm choice. So it doesn't make sense picking an insurance choice with higher entry requirements than your firm choice. Remember, an insurance choice is a commitment, not something you can just drop and go straight into Clearing. If there is only one university that you really want to go to, then don't put down an insurance choice – insurance choices are optional.

Also, you can't choose between your firm and insurance when you get your results, so make sure you're happy with your firm choice and your insurance choice before you reply.


Offers are displayed in the ‘Your Choices’ section on UCAS track. You don’t have to reply until you’ve heard back from all of your Universities/Colleges and your reply date may be different from your friends. The deadline will also be displayed in Track. Your deadline depends upon when UCAS receive the last decision from your chosen Universities/Colleges.

Last decision received on or before...     Means your reply date is...

31 March 2017                                                   4 May 2017 (if your postal address is in the EU)

5 May 2017                                                         8 June 2017

8 June 2017                                                        22 June 2017

13 July 2017                                                       20 July 2017

If you wish to book onto an Open Day at the University of Chester you can do so via our website or by phone: 01244 511000.

Good luck with your decision making!

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