Open Days: by a student for a student

What happens at an Open Day?

Post by Chris Oliver, Business Management and Entrepreneurship (2nd year)

The University of Chester Open Day is the best chance you’ll get to explore how and where you will experience your life as a University student, and coming to you as a fellow Chester student, I can promise it is an invaluable day! An Open Day gives you the opportunity to explore the campus you will be studying at, as well as visiting academic departments and getting to know the area. You’ll have the chance to see our top notch facilities, and even attend subject sessions to see what could be covered in your first year at University. From libraries to canteens to lecture theatres, all will be discovered.


Why choose Chester?

As a student myself, I can safely say Chester is a fantastic University that is continuing to develop. At the Open Day you can find out about the University's wide variety of highly competitive sports teams, for those looking to join a society, and see what our Students' Union has to offer. From an educational perspective, I have enjoyed so many relaxed yet informative lectures and seminars. This is down to the staff; who really are first class, always happy to help and very reliable. If you have any queries at the Open Day, do not hesitate to ask as many questions as possible, the more the better!



Any student will be curious about where they will be living in their first year of university, so it’s important to know about accommodation options. On the day, there will be a broad range of accommodation options for you to see. Looking around accommodation when I attended an Open Day in 2013 gave me a good impression of what it would be like in my first year, and helped me feel settled when I first arrived.


Chester; more than just a University

This is also a great opportunity to explore the city itself, and it does not disappoint. Chester really is an amazing city that has something to offer everyone. A great way to see almost everything is taking a walk on the historic city walls that circle the city. Doing this will let you see Chester’s famous racecourse, the River Dee, the city centre and its shops, plus much more. You really can’t beat Chester city centre, its historic feel and looks are blended with the modern day stores you would expect from any larger city.

There is only so much a prospectus can tell you, so come down on the 6th June and we can show you why the University of Chester is the one for you!