Preparing to Move

In just a matter of weeks, many of you will be preparing to move to University. It’s an exciting but nervous time, as this may be the first time you have lived away from home. You’ll probably find yourself questioning what to bring, and whilst you might be tempted to pack all of your possessions, you really don’t need to!

Remember, whatever you bring with you, you’ll have to take back at the end of the academic year! Plus you’ll have accumulated more stuff along the way, so keep it basic!

We’ve listed a few things we think you’ll need below:

Your new bedroom!

Bedding: The University doesn’t provide bedding, so don’t forget to pack a quilt and pillows, plus a few sets of bedding (ideally get different ones, or your brand new mates might think you never wash them…)

Room decorations: Cushions, photographs, fairy lights and posters. The more effort you put into making your room your own, the quicker you will feel at home. Just make sure you keep enough space for all your new memories.

Laundry bin: Not only will this help you keep your room in order, but it’s a useful tool for transporting your dirty clothes to the laundry room…or back home, if you’re planning on saving them for mum and dad!

Cooking up a storm in the Kitchen

Kitchen essentials: Whilst in most of our halls a microwave, kettle and toaster are already provided, you and your housemates will need items such as: cutlery, spatula and serving spoons, pans, baking trays, tin opener, bottle opener, plates and mugs. However don’t rush out to buy them all just yet! Wait until you arrive and see what your other housemates have brought with them, as together you could buy a set of communal kitchen essentials, plus no student kitchen is complete without a toastie maker!

Full board: If you’re living in full board accommodation you can refine your list by removing cooking utensils, but make sure you bring cutlery, plates, a bowl and a mug. You might well get hungry in the middle of the night and need to whip up a trusty pot noodle or microwave meal!

Food: It might sound silly, but people easily forget the important stuff. Make sure you arrive with enough meals to last you a few days until you get to grips with the local supermarkets and food stores. Good items to bring are biscuits, tea/coffee, ketchup and anything you can store in a cupboard.

And remember, both our Chester and Warrington campuses are situated within easy walking distance to local shops. So anything you forget to bring, just pick it up whilst you’re here. 

For study, rest and relaxation

Laptop: Whether you’re writing your assignments, making notes in lectures, or binging on the latest Netflix box set, your laptop will become your most used item whilst at University. And with free Wi-Fi on all of our campuses, you’ll be able to connect on the go.

Mobile Phone and Charger: This is an obvious one, plus bring a spare if you have it!

USB memory stick: Believe me, you don’t want to lose your dissertation on deadline day!

Alarm clock: Yes your phone is fine, but what if you forget to charge it or it switches off?

If you’re still nervous about moving to University, we’ve tried to set your mind at ease by asking some of our students what it was like on moving day. Take a read of what they had to say with our Moving day – The halls Experience blog.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about living in student accommodation, just get in touch with our Residential Living Office. They’ll be more than happy to help.



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