Psychology students observe the animals at Chester Zoo

Each year, the Animal Psychology students go on a trip to Chester Zoo where they have the opportunity to see behaviours in action in a variety of fascinating species and to collect some data in a mini-project designed in teams. This year, one of these teams, led by Tom, provided a taste of the day. 

The cheetahs Tom and his team were observing proved to be quite elusive, but all around the zoo, groups of animal enthusiasts were observing an Andean bear mother and her new cub, mother-calf interactions in elephants, proximity of giraffe young to their mothers, vigilance behaviour in meerkats, the social behaviour of bush dogs, vocalizations in hornbills, and the effects of environmental enrichment on elephants and orangutans, while module leader, Lindsay, was showing that it’s possible to be both scientific and a ‘softy’ by playing chase and blowing kisses with Boris, her chimpanzee best friend!

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