Replying to your offers

So, your university offers are in (or almost in) – what do you do next?

Offers are displayed in the ‘Your Choices’ section on UCAS track. You don’t have to reply until you’ve heard back from all of your universities/colleges, and your reply date may be different from your friends. The deadline will also be displayed in Track. Your deadline depends upon when UCAS receive the last decision from your chosen universities.

Reply Dates

Last decision received on or before... Means your reply date is...
31st March 2017 4th May 2017 (if your postal address is in the EU)
5th May 2017 8th June 2017
8th June 2017 22nd June 2017
13th July 2017 20th July 2017

Before replying, think carefully. Talk to family members, friends or advisers to help you make your decision. But remember: it has to be your choice, so make sure you’re happy with it. If universities are inviting you to Applicant Days, go along. They are your chance to talk to tutors and current students as well as visit accommodation and student facilities, and can help you to make your final decision.

Once you have made your choice, you’ll need to reply to your offers on the UCAS website. There are three difference responses you can make:

1. Firm acceptance – this is your first choice and the one you most want.

  • If it's an Unconditional Offer, the place is yours! That means the university will expect you as their student in September and all other offers will be declined.
  • If it's a Conditional Offer, the place is yours as long as you meet the offer conditions.

2. Insurance acceptance – the back-up choice to a Conditional Offer firm acceptance. You don’t have to choose an insurance option if you don’t want to.

  • If you're choosing an insurance choice, our advice is to go for something with lower offer conditions (but make sure it's somewhere you'd still be happy to go to). You'll only attend your insurance choice course if you don't meet the conditions of your firm choice.

Two important things to note is that you still need to meet the conditions of your insurance choice. You also can't choose between your firm and insurance choice when you get your results – so make sure you're happy with both before you reply.

3. Decline – you'll need to decline any other offers you get.

If you decide you don't want to accept any of the offers, you can decline them all and add more courses through the UCAS Extra service. Alternatively, you can see what courses still have vacancies through the UCAS Clearing service, once you have received your results.

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