Tackling Hidden Course Costs - The Aspire Book Scheme

Hidden course costs have always been an issue. You enrol at University, you pay the tuition fees for the year, and you get your maintenance loan and set up a budget for each term. Then on your first day of University you are given a reading list of books and course materials that are going to be essential for you to complete your degree!

At the University of Chester we are doing everything we can to reduce these hidden expenses, and one of our most popular is the Aspire Book Scheme. We had one of our digital Ambassadors, Charlotte give us her take on the scheme. 

In short, the Aspire Book scheme was a gift from the student gods. It is a plan which allows you to get a couple of important books that are relevant and useful to you. It saved me over £100 in textbooks, and I know others had the same sort of savings. It's not something you need to sign up for, but there is a small criterion that makes you eligible. Full-time Home, EU and International first year students, part-time or full-time, were eligible for the scheme this year.

I took my Chester Student ID card to the Small Hall on Parkgate Campus and was given a couple of books that the head lecturers for my course thought were important. The books you get are dependent on your course; I do combined psychology and sociology, so I received a huge Psychology book and a just as big Sociology book. I also got a study skills book. I have used these books to help me understand key ideas and theories and having some sort of grounding for where to start when looking for journal articles I need for essays.

The queues for the Aspire book scheme were pretty long on the first few days. The collection was available from the first day of Fresher's week, and you could get them anytime within that week. I chose to wait a few days before collecting my books, and I only ended waiting about 5 minutes. I would recommend waiting a few days, so that you don't have to queue too long, but not so long that you forget and don't get your books. 

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