What is Higher Education?

What is higher education? It’s a simple question. And, if you’re just about to invest in higher education, it’s a question that’s worth giving some thought to. What can a higher education actually offer you? Is it worth the commitment and investment? Will you enjoy it?


Of course, the answer to this question can be so many different things. It all really depends on what you’re looking to get out of the experience. For most, a higher education is a route to a better future; a way of enhancing your knowledge in a subject that interests you and, consequently, a stepping stone to achieving your career goals. And, if you've been considering applying for a course at Chester, you might have noticed that we have a good track record for enhancing our students’ graduate prospects.

However, not everyone necessarily knows what they want to do with their life. Nevertheless, although it might not be quite as straight forward a choice, the benefits of higher education remain. Our advice would be to ensure you pick a subject you enjoy, remembering that higher education develops your analytical skills; skills that are often transferable to a variety of vocations.

For many, higher education isn’t just about the reward at the end, but also the experience of studying for one. Friendships that often last a lifetime are made at university and, for those who enter into higher education straight from school or college, the whole process of going away and being independent enables a good number of other life skills to be developed. And lest we forget the social side of going into higher education – these are often referred to as the best days of your life!

There’s tons of advice available from UCAS on your options for higher education, as well as an engaging little video about the benefits of higher education. You can also find out much more about your options at Chester within our Applicant Space. Don’t forget to contact us should you have any queries relating to the University of Chester and, if you’re interested in finding out more, why not book yourself onto our Open Day now?