What's on the Menu?

The start of the new academic year is fast approaching. On Sunday 24th September, if you’re one of our residential first year students, you’ll be moving into your new home. It’s going to be a busy day, filled with emotions and excitement. With so much to do, new people to meet and a new city to explore, finding time to cook or even get to the shops to buy food could easily fall to the bottom of your ‘to-do list’. Don’t worry though, we have you covered – not only for moving in day, but the whole academic year. Read our eating on campus guide below to find out what’s on offer.

Full Board or Semi-Catered

If you’re at one of our Chester campuses, we have a number of cafés and restaurants to use, but you’ll be making use of White's Dining Room on the Parkgate Road Campus the most. This is our main dining facility – a large, modern dining room that is home to a sandwich and snack bar, two counters offering a wide range of meal selections, and even a wok and go station where you can customise your own stir-fry and have it made fresh in front of you. If you’re moving into Full Board or Semi-Catered halls in Chester, you’ll be invited to a welcome meal in White's on Sunday 24th September between 12pm and 4pm to sample the food that’s on offer.

If you are enrolled on one of the courses taught at Kingsway, Riverside, Queen’s Park or Thornton, you can also pick up your meals there, meaning you should never miss a meal.

For our Warrington Campus students living in the semi-catered halls, you’ll have meals in The Garden Dining Rooms. In here, you can relax while listening to the University's student radio station, The Cat Radio. You’ll enjoy a wide variety of meal options and, just like our students in Chester, you’ll be invited to attend a welcome meal in The Garden Dining Rooms on Sunday 24th September at 5.30pm.

Meal Scheme

Some of you may have opted for one of our various self-catered accommodation options or have taken an offer in a partnership block of accommodation. But the thought of cooking for yourself may be giving you nightmares about burnt toast and lumpy mash potato! If that’s the case, you should consider buying one of the various meal scheme packages we have on offer. They can provide you with hot and healthy meals Monday to Friday during term times; just like for those living in the catered halls. The icing on the cake is that if you buy a meal package for the autumn and spring terms at the same time, you’ll get the summer term included for free!


While those of you that are moving into Self-Catered can pay as you go with the various on-campus catering outlets, you might be excited at the prospect of learning to cook for yourself. We have a few handy tips that should hopefully prevent you from reaching for the takeaway menus after the first failed attempt!

1. Cook as a house

As a student, you’ll be sticking to a tight budget to get by each month. You’ll need money to cover the rent, household bills and to put food in the fridge. Cooking for each other will not only help you save money on food shopping, but will reduce your food waste, lower your electricity and gas bills, and mean there is less washing up to worry about once you’ve finished!

2. Make meals from scratch

While it’s always handy to have a ready meal or two in the freezer for when you need something quickly or simply can’t find a clean pan in the kitchen, it’s always better to try and cook your meals from scratch. It’s cheaper and healthier, and you can enjoy any leftovers for lunch the following day.

3. Keep an eye out for yellow ticket items

While doing your food shopping, always check the 'reduced to clear' sections for any bargains that can be had. Towards the end of the day, most supermarkets will mark the price of their fresh produce and older stock down before it goes out of date. You can always freeze it when you get home to preserve it for a few days longer! But don’t buy it just because it’s on sale – only get it if it’s on the list!

4. Today’s leftovers are tomorrow’s lunch!

We mentioned this in the second point – any leftovers can be saved for a snack later or, if there is enough, can be used for a lunch the following day! Trust me, when you come home from a long day at uni and just want a meal ready and waiting for you, it’s good to just have something to grab from the fridge and warm through.

Want to Know More?

If you want to find out more about our meal schemes, or have a general question about the catering facilities on campus, don’t hesitate to contact our residential living team on:

E: accommodation@chester.ac.uk
T: 01244 513000

E: accommodation.warrington@chester.ac.uk
T: 01925 534220

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