Your Guide to A-Level Results Day

With A-Level results being released this week, it’s understandable to feel a little nervous. For tips on what to do on results day, take a look at our useful guide.  

Check UCAS Track

UCAS Track will update at 8:00am on A-Level results day. With lots of people logging in at the same time, it can be a little slow, so be patient. When you do get on, take a look and see if you’ve been accepted by your firm choice institution. Remember, you may have been accepted even if you haven’t achieved the exact terms of your offer.

Not every university will have updated UCAS Track immediately either, so if you do get on in the morning, and your offer is still showing as conditional, don’t worry! It’ll be updated eventually, just check it again later.

You WON’T be able to see your exam results on track either, so you’ll still need to head to your school or college to pick these up.

Be prepared

Before you rush out the door to pick up your results, make sure to grab the following:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Pen
  • Notepad
  • UCAS/Uni letter with your UCAS number and original offers (was it AAB or ABB?)
  • Contact details for Firm and Insurance choice institutions

You’ve made your firm offer

All that hard work has paid off, you got the grades and you have made your firm offer! Congratulations! It’s time to celebrate and tell everyone! Although you may be tempted to ring your firm university to hear confirmation of the offer, you should only call if you’ve been asked to. Leave the lines free for those who haven’t made the grades and are trying to see if the university will still confirm their offers.

If your UCAS track still hasn’t updated and is still showing conditional firm, keep checking, it should update eventually. You will then receive an email from UCAS explaining what you need to do next. Once you’ve read the email and submitted anything it asks for, save the email, as you’ll need it for opening your student bank account.

Adjustment Period

If you’ve surpassed your predicted grades, you may want to consider looking for places at different universities asking for higher grades.

This process is NOT the same as clearing. Clearing is for people who don’t have any university place offers. Make sure that when you’re talking to other universities you are explicitly clear you are looking at adjustment places and not clearing.

Remember, you don’t have to give up your firm offer to explore what other options there are in Adjustment, nor do you have to accept any alternatives that you’re offered. Also, just because the entry requirements are higher, doesn’t mean the institution or the course is the right one for you. Your original firm choice place will be held for you, giving you 5 days to explore your options and make your decision.

You’ve missed the grades

Don’t despair. This happens for various reasons and it’s not the end of the road! Check UCAS Track as some universities might still accept you.  If your Firm Place is now saying ‘Unconditional’, then you’re fine, you can relax and celebrate along with your friends. Be sure to leave the phone lines clear for those who really need to get through. Don’t phone just to check! Once UCAS Track has you down as ‘Unconditional’ you’re in!

However, if UCAS Track is now showing as ‘Unsuccessful’ on your firm choice, then unfortunately that institution is no longer accepting your application. Once they have firmly rejected you, the door is closed, so calling the institution would only be recommend if you have evidence to extenuating circumstances and you intend to appeal your results.

Be sure to check if you’ve still met your insurance choice institution offer on UCAS Track, or call your insurance institution if it hasn’t been updated by lunchtime. If you do decide to go to your insurance choice, don’t forget to update your student finance details online as soon as possible.

Going through Clearing

If you miss both your firm choice and insurance choice offers, don’t panic as lots of universities will offer places through clearing. Go direct to the University website that you’re interested in or use the UCAS Search tools to find clearing places.

Once you have found a course in Clearing that you like the look of and you’ve checked their entry requirements, you’ll need to call the university to have a chat about options. Make sure you’re clear about your position and provide them with as much information as possible.

When you call, you’ll be asked for:

  • Your Clearing number or UCAS Personnel ID
  • The Course you’re enquiring about
  • Details of Qualifications
  • Contact details, such as email and phone number

It’s advised you make the call yourself, you’d be surprised at how many questions come into your head when you’re chatting with a member of the admissions team. Remember this is your chance to really find out what the university has to offer.

Once you’ve received an offer through Clearing, take a break and come back to it later. Do some more research about the institution the offer is with, check if they are offering clearing tours or visits. Most universities will give you a couple of days grace before asking you to confirm. This will give you time to see if the course and location of the university are right for you!

Visit us 

At the University of Chester, we offer campus tours all year around and have specific clearing and adjustment tours for those that find themselves looking for a place with us after A-Level results day. So, if you really want to find out whether we are the right institution for you then come and visit us

Contact us

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