• Chester Student

    What to expect from Creative Writing at Chester

    Friday 4th March

    One of the great things about studying Creative Writing at Chester is that you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get creative both inside and outside of the lecture room. Whether you are being inspired by experts in the field, or putting pen to paper and producing your own work, this dynamic and creative course will give you every opportunity to master the skills you need to make your mark in the creative sphere.  

  • Thornton Science Park

    Bring science to life with Natural Sciences at Chester

    Monday 29th February

    At the University of Chester we believe that the best way to learn is by doing. That’s why as a student studying Natural Sciences, you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to get involved with practical sessions. Whether you’re swapping lectures for labs, or getting priceless industry experience, our fantastic Thornton Science Park makes all this possible.


  • Ambassadors Help

    Meet our Ambassadors

    Monday 29th February

    Choosing the right university for you is a big decision. Hopefully you’ll have taken a look at lots of prospectuses and checked out each university’s website for more course information. Perhaps you’ve spoken to your teachers, friends, and family to discuss the options available at each institution? Hearing other people’s opinions can be very helpful, but ultimately the final decision for where to go sits with you.

  • North West Media Centre

    Film Studies at Chester, it's an offer you can't refuse

    Wednesday 24th February

    If you have a passion for watching and discussing film, then a degree in Combined Film Studies at the University of Chester might be just what you’re looking for. 

    Taught within the Department of Media at our Warrington Campus, Film Studies is just one of a number of complementary courses that has developed an impressive reputation during the past decade for high quality teaching and support. 

  • Geography

    Applying your Geography skills in the field

    Tuesday 23rd February

    One of the highlights of our Geography, International Development Studies and Natural Hazard Management degrees is the opportunity to take part in fieldwork relevant to your subject. These visits provide valuable hands-on experience and the chance to apply the skills you will learn in the classroom out in the field.

  • Marketing Warrington

    Introducing our two new Marketing courses

    Tuesday 23rd February

    There are many benefits to studying a degree in Marketing; whether that’s the opportunity to experience a year in industry, the chance to mix with an internationally diverse cohort, or the realisation that marketers will always be in demand.  

  • Thornton Science Park Labs

    Prepare for a future in Chemical Engineering

    Tuesday 23rd February

    As one of the highest paid professions, with opportunities to work in a tremendous range of industries around the world, it’s no wonder Chemical Engineering is such a popular degree option. But, whilst a degree in Chemical Engineering is a fantastic achievement, it may take more than this to get you noticed by potential employers. With this in mind, the Chemical Engineering course at Chester has been designed to equip you with not only the knowledge, but also the hands-on skills and experience employers want.

  • Study Abroad

    Study abroad to enhance your study experience and boost your career prospects

    Tuesday 23rd February

    Studying abroad is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons, enhance your academic experience and increase your chances of gaining a successful future career.

    Depending on which undergraduate course you are studying, we offer a number of exciting ways in which you can incorporate international study within your degree – and therefore enhance your study experience while at university:

  • Top reasons to study English Literature at Chester

    Tuesday 23rd February

    One of the great things about studying a degree in English Literature is that it’s available at many universities across the country, giving you plenty of options when deciding where to go. But with so much choice you may be finding it difficult to decide which university is right for you. Each English Literature course is different, so why should Chester be your university of choice?  

  • Discover the keys to success with Global Entrepreneurship and Business Management

    Monday 22nd February

    Do you dream of becoming the next big thing in the business arena? Then a degree in Global Entrepreneurship and Business Management might be just the thing for you. 


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