• @uochester Freshers' Week

    Wednesday 15th October

    Freshers' Week or Induction Week as it is also known as, is always a very busy and exciting time at the University of Chester with lots of new students arriving and settling into University life. We hope this roundup will give you a taste of what happened during the one of the most memorable weeks our new students will have during their time with us.

  • Your Open Day, Your Comments

    Thursday 9th October

    Visitors to our Open Day on Saturday got the opportunity to experience a taste of what student life is like here at Chester. The day was a huge success with students being led on tours of both the campus and accommodation, and meeting current and fellow prospective students. Visitors also took advantage of departmental taster sessions and met lecturers and course tutors.

  • What is Higher Education?

    Monday 6th October

    What is higher education? It’s a simple question. And, if you’re just about to invest in higher education, it’s a question that’s worth giving some thought to. What can a higher education actually offer you? Is it worth the commitment and investment? Will you enjoy it?


  • Thinking of applying to Chester? Welcome to the University of You!

    Thursday 4th September

    Choosing which universities to apply for isn't easy. In fact, some people find the whole thing stressful and confusing; a minefield of prospectuses, websites, open days and nagging. Nagging thoughts at the back of your mind about whether you are making the right decisions and, often, nagging from your parents or school about whether you've done your research properly and filled in your UCAS form in time.


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