• Money

    5 Tips That Will Help You Manage Your Money as a Student

    Thursday 31st August

    University is about studying hard, as well as having a good time and making new friends, so you’ll need to balance your fund for social life, study materials and everyday living to make sure you have the best possible experience. By the end of your studies, you should be a master at stretching every penny as far as it will go.

  • Undergraduate Degrees

    The Start of a New Chapter – Moving and Settling in to Your New Home

    Thursday 24th August

    Congratulations! You’ve landed a place at the University of Chester and you’ve got a little under five weeks until the start of Induction and Freshers’ Week. We hope you’re as excited about it as we are!

    We have a whole range of activities planned for your first week, so whether you’re moving into our halls and living on campus, or commuting from home, we want to help you settle in as quickly as possible. 

    Induction Week

  • Caitlin Study Abroad

    Caitlin's Australian Study Abroad Adventure

    Wednesday 23rd August

    We send lots of students out on exchanges every year, to various destinations around the world. If there is a country you have in mind that you’d love to study in, I bet we can help that happen for you…

  • Town Signs

    10 Things Only a University of Chester Student Would Understand

    Friday 18th August

    With so many universities to choose from, it can be quite difficult to find the perfect fit for you. Each institution will give you a different experience and you'll leave with a wildly different set of memories. Chester has a lot of quirks and unique qualities that many other universities can’t match. That’s one of the reasons why we’re ranked 15th in The Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2017!

  • Students on campus

    A Year in Review

    Friday 11th August

    A look back at all the exciting things our students have got up to over the past year. There have been some great highlights and achievements.

  • Grosvenor house sunny

    Missed the Accommodation Application Deadline?

    Wednesday 9th August

    We know that you’ve probably had a lot on recently, with revision, exams, applying to university and enjoying your summer break. It can be easy to miss a deadline or two. Try not to panic though if you’ve missed our accommodation deadline, you still have options.

    What should I do first?

  • Accommodation-Kitchen.

    Preparing to Move

    Tuesday 8th August

    In just a matter of weeks, many of you will be preparing to move to University. It’s an exciting but nervous time, as this may be the first time you have lived away from home. You’ll probably find yourself questioning what to bring, and whilst you might be tempted to pack all of your possessions, you really don’t need to!

    Remember, whatever you bring with you, you’ll have to take back at the end of the academic year! Plus you’ll have accumulated more stuff along the way, so keep it basic!

    We’ve listed a few things we think you’ll need below:

  • Clearing 2017

    Top Tips for Applying Through Clearing 2017

    Wednesday 2nd August

    If you don’t get the results you need for your Firm or Insurance choices, miss the application deadline or just have a change of heart and want to attend a different university, then Clearing is for you! Clearing provides you with the opportunity to apply for a place on a similar course or to a whole new university.

  • Rhianna at Walt Disney World

    Rhianna on placement at Walt Disney World

    Wednesday 2nd August

    Rhianna is one of many Chester students offered a placement at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Of special interest for Tourism, Events, Marketing and Business degrees, hundreds of students from these courses have taken up this once in a lifetime opportunity to enhance their CV.

  • Pokemon event

    Pokémon GO – One Year On

    Monday 31st July

    About this time last year, as part of a staff profile on myself, I was asked to comment on the new phenomenon known as Pokémon GO, which saw hordes of young (and old) players roaming the streets, staring intently at their mobile phones (more so than usual) catching elusive digital creatures in a new augmented reality game. I joined them for a couple of weeks, and the knowing nod of a fellow player across a road became almost a common rite of friendship born out of the often solitary pursuit of gaming.


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