Students receive an education in Events and Project Management from Amy Hollis

Events Management students were fortunate to receive a guest lecture from industry professional Amy Hollis. Amy has spent number of years as a freelance events and theatre management professional before beginning to take on Project Management roles in the private sector. She now works as Business Development Coordinator for a start-up Health and Social Care company called Adjuvo Care and Support and is the designated project management lead on all acquisitions.

Five Tips for Managing Your Mind

Your years spent at university are exciting times, with the chance to make memories that will last the rest of your life. However, there may also be occasions when things are challenging and we recognise that people may need a little help from time to time. At Chester we want to ensure that your time with us is enjoyable, rewarding and worry-free, therefore on this year’s University Mental Health Day we’re sharing our top five tips to keep your mental health in top shape.

Development Week: Learn Something New and Develop Your Skills

It’s well known that these days, being a successful graduate is about so much more than simply getting a degree. In fact, the wealth of opportunities and extracurricular activities on offer to our students could almost be overwhelming!

Good news, then, that this week is Development Week; a week when you get a break from lectures and seminars and a chance to take part in activities designed to help improve your learning and employability.

Development Week is all about developing you into the very best you can be. Here’s a taste of how you could benefit from what’s on offer.

Working with (and Being!) Living Authors.

As readers and students of literature, we all enjoy the work of living authors.  It’s great to be able to think that the writer whose book is in front of you may produce more novels, plays or poems, or that the story you are following is only the first volume of a trilogy still being written!  We can hear authors read their work aloud at events like the Chester Literature Festival.  We may get to chat to authors at book signings, attend conferences on their work or even interview them.

Your home away from home

If you're thinking about moving away from home for the first time you might be really excited or a little nervous. But don't worry it's only natural to feel a little apprehensive and it's something that all our students have been through. Take a look at the snaps shared by some of our students to see how they've settled into their accommodation.

Bringing items that remind you of home is a great way to help you to settle into your accommodation. Pictures of friends and family and fairy lights are popular choices for making your room feel cosy.

Importance of economics in the current Brexit environment

We are connected with economics all the time, even if we don’t realise it. When we think of which cereals to choose for our breakfast or when we make decisions about where to spend our holidays, or simply when we decide between going out for a meal or staying at home, the rationale behind those thoughts is related to economics. Do we have enough ‘income’ for a holiday abroad or will a modest camping week have to do? Can we go for the fanciest cereals or can we only afford the basic supermarket brand?